Our Thoughts

When you think of a new blog site on Automotive, your first reaction would be – not another one! And this is but natural considering that automotive is a favourite subject the world over with hundreds of magazines and blog sites catering to various aspects of the subject. Given this scenario you may ask, why we would venture into this field.

The answer is actually rather simple. We are proud to say that http://www.slc-multiservices-77.com is in a completely different league of its own. Most sites are generally dedicated to one angle or another of the subject. It may be the engineering, new launches or news, information and updates from the industry. But we have not categorised our blog site into fixed water tight compartments. We have an open forum where visitors can find blogs of their choice, regardless of what their interest can be in this niche.

What can a visitor to our site hope to get? Here is a snap shot of http://www.slc-multiservices-77.com.

Our site is divided into multiple categories all related to the area of automotive. Basically, automotive is wide in scope and meaning. It is actually related to all road vehicles, their servicing and maintenance and engineering. Hence a blog on the specifications of a newly launched model is as relevant to our site of automotive as is a blog on how to get the best out of a car’s mileage.

There is thus something to capture the attention of all sections of the population.

What makes our blog site more authentic and credible than many others in our genre is the quality of the blogs we post on our site. Our team of researchers and bloggers are all experts in this field and are passionate about this subject. Every blog posted on our site is double checked for authenticity, often with the manufacturers when reviews and reports of test drives are published. This is another aspect of our site that we can proudly boast of.

We have also adopted a rather unique and exclusive interactive nature for our site. Apart from our core team, we also have guest bloggers who write in with news, info, updates and even trivia from the world of automotives. Their expertise in this field and knowledge also help to give our blog site a detailed and incisive format.

You too may contribute your write-ups to our site. We do not have any restrictions on the choice of subject so long as it pertains to our genre of automotives. All blogs sent to us should be original unpublished pieces.

We will inform by email once they are posted on our site.