Upcoming Automotive technologies that will rule in future

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When you consider technology per se, the latest advancements can only be as good as the next innovation coming down the line. This is because the auto industry is constantly on an improvement mode, incorporating new technologies in various fields of auto safety, entertainment or just plain usefulness. Generally, the focus of car technologies is on safety features but today, these are spreading out beyond revolutionising just safety aspects into all aspects of overall human transportation.

Automotive technologies

If upcoming automotive technologies that will rule in future are to be analysed, there can be no definite factors that can be pin pointed. This is because some innovations are still on the drawing board stage, some are being discreetly tested in manufacturers’ facilities and some are already on the roads. A few will be for enhanced safety levels and others for increased in-car infotainment and hands-free driving that will allow you to sit back and simply enjoy the ride.

So what is in store for the future of the automotive industry? Here are some innovations that are taking the world by storm.

Driver Override technology

This is going to completely eliminate the possibility of human driving errors. It is somewhat similar to a vehicle being in autonomous mode, that is driverless cars but with one exception. In autonomous vehicles, a driver can take over the controls and steer the car. In that case, it will go back to human control. In driver override system, the car will actively disregard your instructions. Rapid improvements in sensor technology will allow a car to take faster decisions that human reaction time. Hence, if a car is popping out of the corner and yet you have the gas paddle floored, car technology will react before you and slam the brakes.

Better and improved accessories

Improved vehicle technologies have by default pulled up the quality of accessories too. Take the case of adhesive tapes which are no longer one multi-purpose item. Now these tapes are specifically manufactured to meet exact needs of automobiles. There are automotive tapes exclusively for parts mounting, permanent paint protection, security labelling, wire harnessing and for power-train and fuel systems.

Kool Wrap is another wonderful advancement in auto technology. It helps to control car panel noise with resonance reduction, superior insulation and aluminium heat reflection layers. Unlike bitumen or butyl sound deadeners, Kool Wrap can be easily removed when required.

Biometric Access  

Vehicle entry has come a long way from keys to keyless entry to switch to key-fob-less entry and start. You will not need anything to enter your car and start it apart from your fingerprint. There is a school of thought advocating introduction of retina scanners where you have to look at a particular spot to open the locked door and start the car. However, fingerprint scanners are more likely to be brought in as of today. If this sounds more like the latest mobile technology, you are absolutely right. This biometric process is based on the same concept.

Total Vehicle tracking

While GPS systems are not new, the manner in which they are being incorporated in car functioning is a step forward. It is especially a boon for insurance companies who are already planning premium rates depending on the miles driven per year. Through vehicle tracking drivers with good driving patterns will be offered lower rates. This is because vehicle tracking systems are so advanced that they can store complete driving behaviour including harsh handling, braking and acceleration and rough driving. Based on these parameters, premium rates will be fixed. In the USA, such an option may be implemented in some States as early as 2020.

Real Time Health monitoring

This one really takes the cake in upcoming advanced vehicle technologies that is slated to see the light of day sometimes soon. Ford Motor is coming up with seatbelt or steering wheel sensors that can track vital health statistics through linking up with wearable devices on drivers. By combining this with autonomous technologies, a car will be able to read impending life threatening signs like heart attacks, pull over to the curb and call paramedics.

These are some of the upcoming car technologies that will rule in the future.